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JOY & Exultation

January 19, 2009

I’ve got the JOY down in my heart,

Long absent.

Deep and Real and Ready.

It’s the JOY from which springs hope and possibility.

Where dreams become reality.

The JOY that shouts “Yes, We Can!”

From deep within the belly

From the highest mountaintop.

The JOY that dares to dream of opportunity for all

And guarantees a future

Brighter, cleaner, clearer than today.

It is the JOY that nurtures young souls,

Soothes the old

And offers the middle-aged something to work for.

It is the JOY of American dreams and expectations.

Of all that we

Can be

Should be

Hope to be.

It is the JOY of better days.

The JOY of  America.

Our America.

My America.



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