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On Passion & Serenity

August 20, 2008

Passion & Serenity.

How do they relate?

How are they manifest in my life?

In me?

Many doubt the two can co-exist. Some value one over the other.

Here’s my take:

I AM a passionate woman. Always have been. I feel in a big way and get big ideas. And I AM compelled to act.

For me, passion without action is just so much hot air.

I do not choose to tell you ‘why’.

I choose to show you ‘why’,

Create ‘why’,

Be ‘why’.

It is through action that passion achieves it’s acme.

Without passion and the ensuing action, I could never find serenity. I would be restless and searching and unfulfilled.

Calmness of mind…evenness of temper…cool, clear composure…and yes, inner quiet and stillness and peace are only possible when I know I have acted, rightly, on my passion.

Serenity is mine when I know I have done what is required.

So, yes…

I AM passionate.

I AM a woman of action.

I AM serene.


*Passion — feeling very strongly about a subject or person.
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